You are welcome to contact CAKI if you need advice or help to develop and realize your project. We can guide you in interdisciplinary partnerships, idea generation, project development, fundraising, help you find an exhibition space etc. And if we cannot help, we find you someone who can!

We can also assist you in finding relevant partners and understanding your legal rights as an artist, and we are ready to help develop and improve how you communicate, market and finance your project.

Contact CAKI and arrange a meeting.


Do you need to organise your work and artistic practise in a formal infrastructure, or do you have a good idea you would like to turn into a business model?

CAKI offers to counsel students with entrepreneurial dreams, wishing to apply their artistic skills in new contexts.
Entrepreneurship can take many shapes and have various goals: they can be social, cultural, artistic or commercial. And starting up a company can be a hobby, it can be a part-time job or your career. CAKI offers counselling for various entrepreneurial projects that are related to art and culture. We help you with idea generation, marketing, developing a business model, financial management and networking.

Feel free to contact CAKI and pitch your idea so we can help you take the next step.