Investigation of the possibilities for an incubation environment for the art schools

Investigation of the possibilities for an incubation environment for the art schools In the current framework agreements (2019-2022), the Ministry of Culture’s seven higher artistic educational institutions work with six common goals – including a common goal of developing entrepreneurship as a field of knowledge in the educations. In the terms of reference that form the basis of this common goal, in 2021 there has also been a task of investigating the possibilities for an incubation environment for the artistic educations.

Since the beginning of 2021, a working group composed across the seven art schools under project management by CAKI has been working to investigate the possibilities of an incubation environment under the heading ENTRE INK.


The purpose of developing an incubation environment for the artistic educations will generally be to strengthen the transition from education to working life by developing the link between the artistic educations, the creative professions and the rest of society (business, knowledge environments, civil society, etc.).

One goal of the incubation environment would be to create cross-cutting development and learning environments where students and researchers from the artistic educations as part of the artistic practice can develop new projects and companies. It could, for example. be projects that explore and develop new and innovative forms of creation and publishing formats, new encounters with audiences and the outside world or cross-sectoral partnerships.

An overall purpose of an incubation environment would also be to contribute to the development of the core task of the higher artistic educations and to support the value creation of the institutions as well as the graduates in society.

Development of vision paper

As part of the search and development process for ENTRE INK, the working group has prepared a sketch for a vision paper for the development of an incubation environment for higher artistic educations.

The vision paper has been formulated by CAKI in collaboration with the ENTRE INK working group and contains proposals and recommendations for how an incubation environment for artistic educations can look and be built. Read a short version of the vision paper here and the full vision paper here.

Read a short version of the vision paper here and the full vision paper here (in Danish only).


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