The podcast ENTRE DEBAT evolves around four themes: Artistic Citizenship, Quality & Relevance in the artistic business, Artistic Business and Entrepreneurship as a resource for the artistic practice.

ENTRE is the name of the joint program in the art schools with the aim of broadening the use of entrepreneurship as a resource at the schools. But how do you actually make a knowledge area as Entrepreneurship available for educators in the art schools? And what would it even say to have an art practice as an artistic business in the year 2020? Is Artistic Citizenship the same as artistic relevance, and what is the relationship between the artist’s practice and the artist’s business? This is some of the questions, which are debated in the podcast.

The cast of ENTRE DEBAT are members of the ENTRE steering group, comprise of educators and education developers from all the seven Art Schools. The podcast is produced by CAKI and hosted by Rasmus Cleve Christensen.

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The podcast is in Danish 



What is ENTRE? Kristina Holgersen and Pernille Skov explains about the ENTRE PROGRAM

Host: Rasmus Cleve Christensen. Published 12. maj 2020



Artistic Citizienship

In this episode, we discuss how Artistic Citizenship relates to the individual’s artistic business and how you as an educator and as an Art School can subsidise the development of Artistic Citizenship in practice.

With Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfelt, Keld Hosbond and Pernille Skov.

Host: Rasmus Cleve Christensen. Published June 4, 2020



Quality and Relevance in the artistic business

In ENTRE DEBATE: In Quality and Relevance, we are discussing how we in the artistic business can access the concepts of value, quality and relevance in correlation with society as a whole. And also in correlation with the individual artist and their artistic business.

With Kristina Holgersen, Line Fredens and Christian Taagehøj.

Host: Rasmus Cleve Christensen. Published June 4, 2020.


Artistic business 

In ENTRE DEBATE: Artistic business, we discuss amongst other things the invisible entrepreneurship at the Art Schools, and what it means to think entrepreneurial in an artistic business.

With Jonas Bille Gamkjær and Mikkel Flyvholm.

Host: Rasmus Cleve Christensen. Published June 19, 2020.



Entrepreneurship as artistic development practices

In ENTRE DEBATE: Entrepreneurship as artistic development practices, we discuss it as something intrinsic in art, and how we can develop artistic entrepreneurship as an educational field and pedagogical practice.

With Rikke Lund Heinsen, Christina Dahl and Malene Bichel.

Host: Rasmus Cleve Christensen. Published June 19, 2020. 



See the school's joint programme here.

ENTRE DEBAT LIVE 2 - 'Samfundsudviklende kunstnerskaber', taking place the 24/9-2021.

ENTRE SEMINAR 2 - 'At undre sig: Entreprenørskab som kunstnerisk udviklingspraksis', taking place the 4/10-2021.

ENTRE DEBAT LIVE 3 - 'Kunstnerskaber i omverdensrelationer', taking place the 8/10-2021.

MASTERCLASS on Knowledge transfer w. Georg Russegger, taking place the 8/10-2021.

Joint programme

See the school's joint programme here.


I casesamling er eksempler på, hvordan lærere, studerende og dimittender på kunstskolerne udfolder undervisning og kunstnerisk praksis på måder, der berører entreprenørskab som et vidensfelt i kunstuddannelserne. Se samlingen her


As a part of the ENTRE initiative, CAKI is in the process of exploring the possibilities of creating an incubation environment at the art schools. The initiative is based on existing knowledge across educations based on e.g. entrepreneurship and artistic development activities and focuses on creating new development opportunities for students, lecturers and researchers.

The development of the incubator initiative has started in 2021.

Read CAKI's proposal for the development of an incubation environment for the art schools here (in Danish)


Entrepreneurship activities in the art schools in the period 2011 - 2016 (in Danish) her

Entrepreneurship in the curricula of the art schools 2019/2020 - download (in Danish) her


In the fall of 2019, CAKI identified the needs and wishes of the schools as part of the knowledge base for the development of a program for competency development in entrepreneurship.

Get the report (in Danish) here

Steering group for entrepreneurship (ENTRE)
  • The Royal Academy of Music: Keld Hosbond
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Music: Jonas Bille
  • The National Film School of Denmark: Kristine Ploug
  • The Danish National School of Performing Arts: Rikke Lund Heinsen
  • Rhythmic Music Conservatory: Christian Taagehøj
  • The Danish National Academy of Music: Christina Holm Dahl
  • The Academy of Fine Arts: Emil Leth Meilvang
  • CAKI: Pernille Skov

You can contact ENTRE by writing