A series of podcasts made by the higher arts educations in Denmark.

Art educations and future cultural life – Art educations conference 2022

This podcast documents the presentations, panel discussions and workshops that took place during the conference hosted by the seven higher arts educations “The arts educations and cultural life of the future”.

The conference was held on 29 October 2022 at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

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The higher artistic educations have joined forces to create a joint podcast as part of the schools’ task as cultural institutions. In the podcast, you look inside the country’s art educations and meet the people who work and study here. What is stirring in their artistic practices, research, and daily life, and what movements are taking place in a broader sense between the educations and society outside?

Rørelser is produced by The Lake Radio for the seven art schools: Danish National School of Performing Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Royal Academic of Music, The Danish National Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Visual Art, The National Film School of Denmark and Rhythmic Music Conservatory.

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In ENTRE DEBAT we talk about sustainable working lives and how to make a field of knowledge such as entrepreneurship available to teachers at an art school. What does it even mean to have an artistic business? What is the relationship between the artist’s practice and the artist’s business?

Each episode features one or more guests giving their perspectives on artistic entrepreneurship. Listen here or where you usually get your podcasts.






Enhanced Practice is a new transdisciplinary artist development and mentorship program for artists who have recently graduated from one of the seven national institutions for higher art education in Denmark. It is organized by the cross-institutional International Center for Knowledge in the Arts to give young artists across music, film, performing arts, and visual arts possibilities for developing their practice in research-based, collaborative, and socially engaged ways.

These podcast episodes are supposed to give a glimpse into the research-based artistic practices of newly educated visual artists, musicians, performers, and filmmakers. of the Danish art schools.

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In a podcast series about The Royal Academy of Music annual festival RAMA Festival, the conservatory’s students made a two-part podcast about the festival that took place on 9 April. The two podcasts provide a snapshot of the mood from the long, eventful day at Musikhuset Aarhus, where many students played a lot of very different concerts.

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Follow RMC’s many activities through this new podcast. Listen to everything from artist talks with prominent composers and artists, mixtapes from employees and students, new sound works and radio features on our artistic research. You can listen to episods such as ‘Ageisme i musikbranchen’ and ‘Social-, økonomisk- og klimamæssig bæredygtighed’, or listen to a number of episodes about impostor syndrome with i.a. Annika Aakjær ogandJonas Schmidt.

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The classical violinist and good-girl Christine Bernsted meets in a clash with pianist and bong head Ramez Mhaanna in a different program about classical music. Because the classical world is cool and rock’n’roll and also because classical music tells stories which we all can relate to. The program is produced in corporation with the Royal Danish Academy of Music.






The Beyond Darkness Podcast is a knowledge-sharing platform for artistic practice and artistic research, provided by Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen and Nadja Mattioli.

As a part of the Beyond Darkness research, Nadja and Nanna are sharing their dialogues with other performance artists and practitioners who are inspiring them during their investigations. Their main dialogue topics are movement, darkness, the senses, imagination and collaboration, artistic practice and artistic research.

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