Here, you will find an overview of podcasts made by the higher arts educations in Denmark.

The podcast Rørelser invites you inside the art schools and let you meet the people who work and studies in the schools. What is going on in their artistic practices, research and their everyday life? Which movements are taking place between the schools and the surrounding society?  

In RMC’s podcast værk & projekt / viden & kritik educators, students and professionals from the music industry address current themes from the music scene. Age discrimination, imposter syndrome, artistic process and creation are some of the topics you can hear about in the podcast. 

Artistic Citizenship, Quality & Relevance,  Artistic Sustainability and Entrepreneurship as Resources in the artistic practice are the four main themes in the podcast ENTRE DEBAT. The podcast is produced by CAKI as a part of the Art Schools joint effort to develop Entrepreneurship as ken in the education.