CAKI assists with advice and coaching in the development of mentoring programs for artistic and creative education.

As an artistic incubator, CAKI daily helps students with the advisement of their projects, fund applications and to start their own business. CAKI has therefore an insight into the students’ career considerations, skills and lack thereof.

In the development of a new mentoring program for master students at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and the Royal Danish Academy of Music, CAKI has acted as a knowledge centre and sparring partner.

The mentor program is a compulsory part of the course ‘Entrepreneurship’ and aims to enhance student’s career opportunities through knowledge and experience with professional mentors from the music and culture industry. The course is to proceed to three semesters and ends with an evaluation after each semester.

The mentoring program is organized individually between the student and the mentor, and usually, topics such as skills assessment, career goals, job search and networking are being touched.

See an example of a mentor programme (in Danish).

It is important that both the student and the mentor take the mentoring program seriously. Therefore it is a good idea that both parties think of what is wanted of the program and make a mentoring agreement with objectives.

•Download mentor agreement (in Danish)
•Download instructions for mentors (in Danish)
•Dowload instructions for mentees (in Danish)

CAKI as mentors

In addition to acting as a knowledge centre and assist in the development of the programs, Pernille Skov, Leader of CAKI, and Morten Øhlenschlæger Andersen, Projekt Manager at CAKI, both are affiliated with the University of Copenhagen’s mentoring program. Here they are mentoring students in career and competency development.

In this article, you can read about Morten Øhlenschlæger Andersen’s mentee, Anna Lidell’s, report of having a mentor and what mentorship can lead to. (In Danish)

Read more (In Danish)

What is mentoring? And how does a mentor program for artists differ from a classic mentoring program? Read CAKI’s article ’Mentorskab for studerende’

On the right side, you can find a complete list of documents, advice and guidance materials for the mentee and mentor.


About the mentor programme
Download mentor contract (in danish)
Download instructions mentee (in danish)
Download Instructions to mentee (in danish)


Mentorer RMC 2014 (in danish)
Case mentoring (in danish)
Contract RMC 2014/2015 (in danish)


The British organization Nesta – National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts – has experience working with mentoring and mentor research within the creative industry. Read about some of their results and experiences here:

– Business insight: Mentoring in the creative business
– Insights from a Nesta mentoring relationship
– Creative Business Mentor Network: Case studies


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