EntreNord Conference 2014 – Teach the Teacher

The 2nd conference on entrepreneurship in Nordic arts education, 13.-14. november 2014

Photography by Line Zachariasen, CAKI

CAKI wants to thank everybody who joined us for the EntreNord Conference and for contributing to create a lively and intelligent conference with new perspectives, intelligent debate, manifold experiences, inspirational cases and a great engagement.

Once again EntreNord made it clear to us that the field of entrepreneurship in Nordic arts education is characterized by a comprehensive and versatile mix of talented, brave and skilled educators. The conference was filled with new ideas, new knowledge and new tools within the field of entrepreneurial teaching from skilled educators, educational planners, artists and researchers – all of you sharing your broad knowledge on complex subjects, such as evaluation of entrepreneurship and the self-efficacy of the arts students.

The sharing of knowledge within this field has just begun. We strongly encourage each one of you to share your knowledge. First of all by sending CAKI cases or examples of courses, initiatives, teaching tools, and more. We will then upload your knowledge to the EntreNord platform kreanorg.org/entrenord, where you are able to search in an extensive list of courses, cases and examples.

We also encourage you to join the LinkedIn-group Entrepreneurship in arts education, a group which was created as a result from the EntreNord conference in 2012. For those of you on Facebook, there is also the Gathering Group to join.

This site will soon be updated with photos, texts and videos from the conference. You can also download the program and the list of participants. Video material from the conference and a conference publication is on the way and will be available within the next month.

The dialogue has just begun. We look forward to new collaborations, sharing of knowledge and partnerships across the Nordic arts educations in the future.

Please contact us if you have any questions or inputs regarding EntreNord.

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