Your professional working life is not just about the artistic or creative content, but also about the organizational framework surrounding your work practice.

The SPRING workshop will focus on the start-up process of a working life as self-employed, because you will most likely in periods of your professional life be working as your own boss – either as freelancer, in a sole proprietor business or as a company owner. At the SPRING workshop, we help you to get off the ground prepared and ready for the challenges you are going to meet.

There are various ways to organize a professional practice, and business plans as well as business models can take different shapes and forms, depending on what they are describing and who they are describing it for. At the workshop, we give you the necessary knowledge and tools to develop the plan and the strategy, which will work for your professional practice.

During the workshop, we aim for you to develop your own blueprint model for your business. We help you decide on your portfolio, determine your customers base, formulate your professional brand and decide on a strategy for your visibility, as well as introduce you to the various business types you can choose between in terms of the legal organization of your professional practice.

The workshop will be alternating between presentation, group work and individual exercises, supported by a series of online templates, which will help you develop and describe your plan for your professional development.


Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler
for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering


2018 – Uge 43, afholdt




Maiken Ingvordsen, So What Copenhagen 
Pernille Skov, CAKI


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