Intrapreneurship through artistic and technological prototyping

CAKI is developing a cross-disciplinary “Academy-course” for 2014 with The Royal Danish School of Design, Design and Business at KEA and DTU.

In cross-disciplinary teams students will be developing artistic and technological solutions for companies with specific problems.

The aim with ACADEMY PRETOTYPING is to strengthen the students’ professional competences by applying their skills to relevant challenges in a business context.

The course is based on a close collaboration with selected companies, and the students will visit the company many times in order to understand the organization and qualify their idea development.


[Intrapreneurship = creating new processes, products or services in a company or organization, that bring value to the organization and its surroundings culturally, economically and socially.]The students will work together in cross-disciplinary teams and act as consultants for a company. The main part of the idea development will take place in collaboration with the company. Students will be introduced to current challenges in the company and will enter a close collaboration in order to understand the organization’s potentials and obstacles. During the course the students will regularly present their ideas to the company’s employees and receive feedback, critique and input. The purpose is to train the students’ understanding of idea development and solution handling in a company context.

Prototyping as a method
[Prototype= is an early test example or model built to test a concept, product or process.]Prototyping is a well-known artistic and creative method that helps developers test a product, idea, service or solution in collaboration with the market segment and relevant recipients. The benefits of prototyping are that it involves users, and gives developers and users concrete and often physical examples to respond to in the early stages of a developing process. Hereby giving the developer an opportunity to adjust the solution according to the end-user’s wishes.

ACADEMY Art & Technology is funded by Young Enterprise.

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The course has been held.


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