Professional experience



Parallel Process, upcoming album release via Escho 2021

Debut as Puyain Sanati later this year


Bait 2018 –

Arranger, curator, booker and journalist, mainly at 10oofryd in Aalborg


EP-release PLASTIC GAMES via Lobster Theremin 2020

W. alias Grammar of Movement


Akustik & Soundscape workshop and installation 2019

Sound workshop and installation at the Aarhus Architecture Festival 


Internship at Jyderup Højskole  2018

As an electronic music teacher for 2 weeks


Debut at Roskilde Festival

Performing as Grammar of Movement, during warm-up days


Space in-between spaces 2017

Sound installation at Musikkens Hus, Aalborg


Platform 4 2016-2018

Arranger of the event every 2nd month


Exhibition at KBH Kunsthal  2016

Audio/Visuel installation, AZADI


EP-release AZADI for Lobster Theremin  2016

as Grammar of Movement



Royal Academy of Music (DJM), Aalborg 2016-2019

Bachelor in Electronic Music


Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) 2019-2021

Master of Music


Puyain Sanati

Electronic musician / Performer / Artist


Mail: Puyainsanati@gmail.com

Mobile: +45  91 63 40 57