Coming from a club music background, I don’t want to repeat the same process and tricks. I’ve moved on to more experimental realmsMy process consists of breaking the conventional structures to be able to make something new. A kind of post-club music where I explore my relationship to acoustic sounds in collaboration with instrumentalists and ensembles via improvisation sessions where I record the sound material that works as a base for my compositional process. Then, I deconstruct the material in order to build a new landscape.

At the moment I’m exploring Persian traditional folk music through collaborating with Iranian musicians. I’m working with the sounds of instruments that are 3000 years old and processing it with today’s innovative software and trying to make sounds I haven’t heard before.




2021 Parallel Process, upcoming album release via Escho

Debut as Puyain Sanati later this year


2018 – Bait 

Arranger, curator, booker and journalist, mainly at 10oofryd in Aalborg


2020 EP-release PLASTIC GAMES via Lobster Theremin 

W. alias Grammar of Movement


2019 Akustik & Soundscape workshop and installation 

Sound workshop and installation at the Aarhus Architecture Festival 


2018 Internship at Jyderup Højskole

As an electronic music teacher for 2 weeks


Debut at Roskilde Festival

Performing as Grammar of Movement, during warm-up days


2017 Space in-between spaces 

Sound installation at Musikkens Hus, Aalborg


2016-2018 Platform 4 

Arranger of the event every 2nd month


2016 Exhibition at KBH Kunsthal 

Audio/Visuel installation, AZADI


EP-release AZADI for Lobster Theremin  2016

as Grammar of Movement




2016-2019 Bachelor in Electronic Music, Royal Academy of Music (DJM), Aalborg

2019-2021 Master of Music, Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC)



Puyain Sanati

Electronic musician / Performer / Artist


Mail: Puyainsanati@gmail.com