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// Morten Poulsen, 2021


My artistic practice concerns itself with listening and spaces and situations where critical listening can take place.

I work with sound art, not as a technological or phenomenological study, nor necessarily as music or sound-in-itself as the end product. Rather, listening in my artistic practice is a working method through which to explore and process selected socio-political topics, such as questions on gender, power relations, or the environment. I am interested in the characteristics of sound and listening to be invisible, intangible, and ambiguous, but also changeable, intersubjective, and with an ability to create potential worlds. I believe that such a sounding and listening practice might afford insight into ways of relating to the equally invisible, complex, and interdependent social and political structures. Within the international sound art context, a growing field of researchers and artists have pointed out how sonic practices relate to political contexts. In concordance, I believe that critical approaches to sound and listening hold great social transformational potential.

In both my artistic practice as well as personally, I have come to develop an understanding of how the crises we find ourselves in are interconnected; human-made

climate change, structural racism, increasing inequality, loss of biodiversity, etc. The need for protest, resistance, and a change of paradigms has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. This has led me to work with art that articulates and responds to this emergency.

On this foundation, I am interested in engaging my artistic practice in examining and criticising socio-political structures and conditions. At the same time, I want to nurture, suggest or inspire ideas and approaches that contribute to the necessary change and transformation. My current practice focuses on the connections between sound art, activism and research into masculinity, feminism, and critical whiteness studies, to create a framework for critical reflection and a process of liberation or transformation from hegemonic ideals.




Education and courses (selected)


2021         Enhanced Practices, International Center for Knowledge in the Arts CPH

2021         Cand. Musicae, Rhythmic Music Conservatory CPH

2019         Experimental Music, Universität der Künste Berlin DE

2018         Audio-visual works, The Danish National School of Performing Arts DK

2014         BMus, The Royal Academy of Music Aalborg DK

2013         Prince Claus Conservatoire Groningen NL


Trans-disciplinary work (selected)


2021         You Are My Sunshine (public installation) – Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond

2021         Unhearing the White Voice (solo exhibition) – C4 Projects, CPH

2021         Listening with… (live-streamed sound-walk) – Walking Landscapes KIT, CPH

2021         The White Voice (text/Socially Engaged Art) – various locations

2021         Are you okay? (Lock-down conversations) – online

2020         Dark Web (internet performance) – Kunsthal Aarhus

2019         Nothing to See (solo exhibition) – ArtRoom/1000Fryd, Aalborg

2019         Domestica (sound object) – Kunsten Museum of Contemporary Art, Aalborg

2018         Sub (sound installation) – Nature Summit, Hirtshals

2016         I Am Human Too (audiovisual performance) – FAA Project room, Odense


Compositional work (selected)


2019        The Re-Occupied Bunker – Nature Summit, Hirtshals

2018        AR I-IV – Open Days Festival for new music and sound art, Aalborg

2018        Atmosphaera – audiovisual quadrophonic concert-performances, DK

2018        Jazz Iterations – Meutiviti Festival, Aalborg

2017        LR – Open Days Festival for new music and sound art, Aalborg

2017        Miles Davis Trio – Meutiviti Festival, Aalborg

2016        Dark Web – interactive internet-based music release, online


Discography (selected)


2021        Music from ‘Unhearing the White Voice’, independent

2017        RIGHT! by Morten Poulsen Trio,  on Outrovaert

2016        Aerodynamics Pt 2 on The Wire Tapper, The Wire


Awards and Artist Residencies (selected)


2020        Artist in Residence at Inter Arts Center, Malmö SE

2019        Artist in Residence at BEK, Bergen NO

2018        Artist in Residence at The Danish Institute, Greece GR

2017        Talent Award, Kulturpris Aalborg

2017         Artist in Residence at WORM Studio, Rotterdam NL

2017&18   Artist in Residence at EMS, Stockholm SE

2016        Artist in Residence at Suoni De Monte d’Oro, Abruzzo IT


Other (selected)


2021        U-Lydig (experimental sound and listening workshops), CPH

2020        Press responsible and Head of SoMe at Between Music

2018        Project director for the audiovisual concert performances Atmosphaera

2018        Director of Meutiviti Jazz Festival 2018

2015-       Underwater-drummer at Aquasonic by Between Music


Morten Poulsen

Sound artist / Composer / Underwater-drummer