EntreNord ’12 – From Student to Professional in the Creative Fields

A conference on entrepreneurship in Nordic arts education, 8-9 november 2012
TWO GREAT DAYS are now successfully over
CAKI sends a warm thank you to all of the educators, students, managers and arts entrepreneurs, who joined us in Copenhagen for debates, talks, discussions and workshops on entrepreneurship in Nordic arts education.

EntreNord made it clear to us that the field of entrepreneurship in Nordic arts education is characterised by a comprehensive and versatile mix of talented, brave and skilled educators. We have met educators, artists and researchers, who work to strengthen the professionalization of arts students and to explore and challenge how arts can affect, disturb and refine our surrounding society.

The dialogue has just begun. We look forward to new collaborations, knowledge sharing and partnerships across the Nordic educations.

You can download presentations, the program and more material from the conference in the right sidebar.

And thank you to Kreanord, Karlbak and The Danish Foundation for Entreprenurship for the support and collaboration that made EntreNord possible.

Read more about Karlbaks 5 EntreNord workshops that preceded the conference in Copenhagen.

Read interactive publication about the conference

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Photography by Maria Skjærbæk



EntreNord Conference Publication
About the speakers
List of participants
Video Teaser
Conference video recap 


Pernille Berg
Video: Watch Pernille’s welcoming speech
Video: Watch Pernille’s round up on day
Video: Watch Pernille’s closing speech

Ingibjorg Greta Gisladottir
PDF: How a House of Ideas Can Foster a Creative Future
Video: Watch Ingibjorg’s presentation

Gerald Lidstone
PDF: Building Entrepreneurial Arts Education
Video: Watch Gerald’s presentation

Serge von Arx
Video: Watch Serge’s presentation

Uffe Elbæk
Video: Watch Uffe’s presentation

Kenneth Balfelt
Video: Watch Kenneth’s presentation

Rikke Lund Heinsen
PDF: Creating learning spaces through new evaluation methods

Panel Debate
Video: Watch the panel debate


“When fear is in the room, you don’t learn anything”

– Rikke Lund Heinsen

“We’re looking for elegance. If it is beautiful, it works”

– Gerald Lidstone

“You have to fail, to be sucessful”

– Serge Von Arx

“I think we should become artists that know how business works and how we can work together with it, but still preserve the role as an artist.”

– Kenneth Balfelt