This is an invitation for all educators who want to develop their educational skills for self-employment and entrepreneurial careers to participate in European Creative Futures’ seminar: Education for Music Entrepreneurship.

The seminar is hosted by the Norwegian Academy of Music / CEMPE – Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education, Oslo, and will be held on the 25th – 26th of January 2018.

Key educators and professionals from Europe and USA come to the Norwegian Academy of Music to discuss and identify how to solve the mismatch between training in higher music education and demands from the labour market. How can musical entrepreneurship be implemented as an experiential learning practice in the curricula?

The seminar in short

A combination of trends (reality today), generation of ideas (solutions from the professional music field and industry regarding defined needs in society) and appropriate teaching and assessment strategies to develop relevant skills and competencies amongst students.


Professional competencies

  • Discussion and identification of needed skills and competencies for entrepreneurship based on music and stage performances
  • Methods for developing products and services from the music sector
  • Concert production and dramaturgical analysis as tools for creative, cultural entrepreneurship
  • Models for cooperation between culture, authorities, and businesses
  • Examples of professional best practice regarding musical entrepreneurship

Possible transfer to music entrepreneurship education

Pedagogical approaches:

  • The importance of entrepreneurship in music curricula
  • Curriculum for teaching modules
  • Discuss and identify needed skills and competencies for educators.
  • Explore appropriate teaching and assessment strategies
  • Provide examples of existing teaching practices
  • Initiate practice exercise – group task
  • Sharing

Program and registration

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