In the spring of 2021, the first-ever graduating students of the Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts present their final projects.

The students have independently initiated, organised, and conducted these artistic projects, each one animated and sustained by their independent artistic expressions. The result is a plethora of artistic creations – live performances, video installations, performative readings, and more.

We invite you to delve into the work of the first batch of graduates from the MFA in Performing Arts.


  • Alexandru Buescu
  • Annika Kompart
  • Eirik Lie Hegre
  • Jari Matsi
  • Lena Bondeson
  • Mathias Raaby Ravn
  • Mejse Vedel
  • Mikal Korsgaard Larsen
  • Nadja Mattioli
  • Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen
  • Sigurjón Bjarni Sigurjónsson
  • Sullivan Lloyd Nordrum

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