Disorder is an interdisciplinary artistic collaboration that unfolds at Gallery Q during Kulturnatten 2013. Gilbert Gordon, student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, has set a choreographer from The Danish National School of Performing Arts, an architect from Aarhus School of Architecture, a psychology student from University of Copenhagen and a techno composer from Berlin together to explore how an artistic method can set the framework for the interartistic work of the various actors.

Project description

The project is based on Sol LeWitts reflections on conceptual art in which the artist himself create his rules for a given project. The rules must be followed without deviation; the artist must disregard the recognition and formal success criteria in place to observe and record the mistakes and successes. The learning process happens in the experiences that the artist conveys to his next project.

This method is explored through an installation where architecture, performance, sound and installation art will give the viewer a physical experience.

Gilbert Gordon explains about the project

“Before we can work with Sol LeWitts method, the physical project must be realized with the practical and unpredictable grounds, which we find in the actualization. Along the way we record each process of our own field, and hereafter we will share these experiences with each other. In this way we gain insight into each other’s work methods and learning. We will also discuss the secondary values: How does it feel, what color is it, etc. We expect that these values ​​on an interdisciplinary level will give us a high learning level and an understanding across our subject areas.”

CAKI finds the project relevant as it contains an important learning element across the disciplines represented. The project has a high quality individual as well as collective learning that will be relevant for other students at CAKIs member schools.

Video fra projektet Disorder







CAKI har støttet projektet med 8000 kr.


Gilbert Gordon
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Gilbert Gordon, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Sanna Blennow, The Danish National School of Performing Arts
Mads Hulsroy, Aarhus School of Architecture
David Madsen, University of Copenhagen
Johannes Groß, music producer
Martin Meyer, Hjaltelin Stahl (advertising agency)
Mads Cramer, Advice (advertising agency)


Disorder can be seen as an open installation at Gallery Q, 11 October 2013 between 17.00 – 22-00