Due to restructuring in CAKI’s tasks and financial resources, we can no longer grant funding for project support. 


If your school is a member of CAKI, you can apply for CAKI’s project pool. We primarily support projects, which focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration between students from different artistic background and art schools, and where the project experiences are relevant to a larger group of students from the arts educations.

You must complete the application form and send it to us via email. Remember to enclose the required supporting documents: CV for all members of the project team, budget and an activity plan.

Applications without the mandatory documents will not be considered.

You are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the application form.

The application form can be downloaded in Danish and English.

CAKI provides mentoring and counselling before and after you apply. We can help you with:

→ developing the project
→ process
→ method
→ partners
→ communication
→ PR
→ materials
→ project management
→ schedule
→ budget
→ financial statements


Download dansk version
Download english version


See the framework for the final report here


Download accounting scheme (excel file)


Download CAKI’s logo in different filetypes and sizes here


CAKI has published a collection of handbooks and miniguides, that can help you in process of writing the application. Note that most of them are in Danish
CAKI Mini-guides
CAKI Handbooks


Click to see the interdisciplinary projects that has received funding from CAKI

The aim of the scheme

The aim of the scheme is to explore and challenge CAKI’s three focus areas INTERDISCIPLINARITY, ARTISTIC INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP through creative collaborations between students from different disciplines. Have a look at the PROJECT GALLYRY to see previously supported projects.

Who can apply?

CAKI supports student initiated projects from students in our membership schools. Projects with an immediate value in terms of shared knowledge for our members within INTERDISCIPLINARITY, ARTISTIC INNOVATION or ENTREPRENEURSHIP are prioritized.

What does CAKI support?

We grant a range of projects contributing to CAKI’s focus areas. Projects granted by CAKI can take many forms: art exhibitions, workshops, lectures and events.
For examples look through former projects supported by CAKI in the project gallery below.

What CAKI does not support
  • Travels
  • Goods purchased abroad
  • Board and lodging
  • Car rental and gasoline
  • Alcohol
  • Commercial projects
How will my application be considered?

CAKI’s means are limited and we cannot accommodate all applications. We prioritize projects involving students from different schools and from different disciplines from CAKI’s member institutions.

In addition, we will look for the following in the application:

  • The project is innovative or experimenting
  • The project is somehow relevant to other students
  • The project’s focus on process, method and communication
Who will consider my application?

CAKI recommends project applications to our steering committee , consisting of the principals from the arts educations in Copenhagen, who then decide the outcome.

How much can I apply for?

CAKI provides financial support up to 15.000 kr.

What should the application contain?

We advise you to read the application form carefully before you fill out the form as accurately and conveying as possible. If some subjects are irrelevant to your project, then refrain from filling them out. Also, please consider the following:

  • Schedule: make an outline of important milestones, deadlines, production meetings, different phases and a presentation date.
  • Partners: which skills and competences does the project need? E.g. co-producers, institutions, venue etc.
  • Presentation: how should the project be presented to others?
  • Equipment and resources: which materials and resources does the project require?
  • Budget: an overview of expenses and income.

If you need help with any of the above-mentioned requirements, have a look at
CAKIs publications (only in Danish) or contact us.

When can I expect an answer?

We will contact you within 14 days after receiving your application. If your application is approved you will be invited to a meeting at CAKI to plan the further process.


What does CAKI expect from you?

When the project is approved, we ask you to write a brief description including a photo about the project, so we can publish it on our website and social media. Also remember to add CAKI’s logo on all materials associated with your project. You can download the logo in various file types and sizes here.

What if the project diverges?

It is very likely that the project changes form or direction during the process. Given that the grant can be withdrawn, it is important that you inform CAKI on any changes.

Payment and accounting

The expenses will be covered when the accounts including all receipts are forwarded to and approved by CAKI. If you need a monetary advance, you must sign a payment statement. In both cases, the financial support is paid via your CPR-number to your NemKonto. You do not have to pay tax of the support, since it technically will be a CAKI-project.


How do I report?

When the project is completed, we expect a short project description of the process as well as visual and/or auditory materials from the project (e.g. photos representing the process, video of the final piece or sound recording).

Once the project is completed, we will summarize a brief description of the process, where you and any others from the project reflect on the process. You can see the framework for the final report here.

The costs can be covered if you have the original documents and that these may be approved by CAKI. You have to do the account in an accounting scheme, which you will receive from CAKI. All receipts and documents must be submitted digitally. You can either scan receipts or take a picture with your phone. Please note that the amount and sender must be seen clearly.

If the accounting should differ during the process, please make sure to inform CAKI, otherwise the financial support may be withdrawn. Contact us if you have any questions about accounting.

What is a receipt?

A receipt or invoice must include the amount, name and address of the company (the seller) and often a as well. Receipts without apparent sender, ATM-bills or bank statements are not valid receipts and cannot be covered by CAKI. All receipts must be submitted digitally.