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TVAERS is a a joint course catalogue open to students from all higher arts educations under the Ministry of Culture. Here you have the possibility of participating in courses in all the ar schools, together with students from other artistic disciplines.

TVAERS offers a variety of courses that, based on an educational evaluation, can be made available to students from other art schools; this means that the courses do not require any specific professional core competences.

TVAERS is a collaboration between National Films School of Denmark, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Danish National Academy of Music and The Royal Academy of Music.

Tour the catalogue below and sign up for courses using the registration link on this page.


Please note that there are fewer TVAERS courses in the spring semester 2022 than in the fall semester 2021. This is due to the fact that some institutions deliver most of their courses in the fall and because courses with the duration of a full study year are already full.

To maintain the progress and interest, TVAERS is also offered in the spring 2022, despite the limited number of courses and a accordingly limited number of places It is expected that a significant larger number of courses can be offered in the fall semester 2022.

  • You can submit 1 or 2 module requests.
  • Registration deadline for the 1st round: 24 January 2022 at 24:00 CET
  • Please use the registration link in the info box to register and submit your module request. You will find the info box on this page and all pages for the TVAERS-courses.
  • RMC coordinates and forwards all registrations to the school that offers the course.
  • Before course start you will be notified, if you can be offered a place directly from the school that offers the course.

  • You are responsible for coordinating courses with your other regular classes.
  • You decide if you wish to take the course concurrently with your regular educational program or seek merit for the course. However, it is a prerequisite for following the Art Schools’ joint elective Introduction to interdisciplinary practice that you can document commitments of prior merit from your home institution.
  • If you wish to seek merit for a course, you must arrange this with your home institution yourself.
  • To be able to get merit for a course, you must follow the rules set for attendance and assessment at the school that offers the course.
  • You can attend a maximum of two courses each semester.
  • You cannot register for courses offered by your home institution.
  • It will generally not be possible to receive travel grants in relation to course attendance.
  • Under each course description you can find information about which school is offering the course, the teaching staff, time, place, content, assessment etc.
  • Some courses offer online participation or a combination of online and physical attendance. Courses with online possibility are marked with a pink PC in the course description.
  • Tuition language is noted in the course descriptions.
  • The courses are only offered as group-based learning, not individual learning.

If you want to participate in the TVAERS courses, you can register up to 2-course requests.

Before the course starts, you will be notified if you can be offered a place on a course.

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The joint catalog is part of a larger collaborative project between the art schools with a view to strengthening students’ access to interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

The project is run by an interdisciplinary working group headed by RMC. The project also includes the development and implementation of a number of interdisciplinary educational offers at master’s level.

The first transverse educational offer will be an interdisciplinary module of 5 ECTS – Introduction to transdisciplinary work – which is offered to graduate students from the art educations for the first time in the Spring semester 2022.
Work is also being done on other new, interdisciplinary collaborative projects, where students from the art educations are given the opportunity to participate. There are also plans for a larger, interdisciplinary and international summer camp, where students from the art schools are given the opportunity to participate.

If you have questions about TVAERS, you are welcome to contact Lene Christensen in the student administration at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory:, Telephone: 4188 2502.

Questions about a specific course should be directed to the school offering the course.

The Art Schools’ joint elective module (MA level)

TVAERS catalogue ( BA + MA level)

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