Welcome to TVAERS!

TVAERS is a shared catalog of courses for students from the arts educations under the Ministry of Culture. The catalogue gives you as a student in one of the art schools the opportunity to follow courses at a school other than your own and with students from schools other than your own.

TVAERS offers a number of selected courses that, based on an academic assessment, can be offered to students from other art schools; that is, courses that do not require specific core subject skills.

TVAERS is a collaboration between The National Film School, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Royal Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and The Danish National Academy of Music.

Take a tour of the catalog below and sign up directly on this site.

  • You can wish for 1 or 2 modules.
  • Registration deadline is June 15 at 24.00
  • To enter your wishes, use the registration link in the info box. You will find the info box here on the main page as well as on all TVAERS courses.
  • All registrations are coordinated by RMC and forwarded to the school offering the course.
  • Before the course starts, you will be notified directly from the school that offers the module if you can be offered a place.

  • You are responsible for coordinating the course with your other classes.
  • You decide for yourself whether you want to follow the course alongside your normal course of study, or whether you would like credit for the course.
  • If you want credit for a course, you have to sort it out with your home institution.
  • It is a prerequisite for obtaining credit for a course that you follow the rules for attendance and assessment at the school that offers the course.
  • You can follow a maximum of two courses per. term.
  • You can not sign up for courses offered by your own school.
  • In connection with the allocation of places on the modules at the individual institution, the student’s written motivation is included in the assessment in cases where there are too few places in relation to the number of applicants.
  • It will not be possible to receive travel support in connection with participation.
  • Under each course description, it is stated which school offers the course, who teaches, time, place, content, assessment, etc.
  • Some of the courses can be taken online or as a combination of online and physical attendance. Courses that can be followed online are marked with a pink computer.
  • Teaching language is stated in the course descriptions.
  • The courses only include team-based teaching and not personal instruction or teaching. 

Du har mulighed for at tilmelde dig op til to TVAERS kurser.

Før kursusstart får du information om, hvorvidt du har fået plads på kurset.

Deadline for tilmelding til efterårssemesteret 2021 er 15. juni



The joint catalog is part of a larger collaborative project between the art schools with a view to strengthening students’ access to interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

The project is run by an interdisciplinary working group headed by RMC. The project also includes the development and implementation of a number of interdisciplinary educational offers at master’s level.

The first educational offer will be an interdisciplinary module of 10 ECTS – Introduction to transdisciplinary work – which is offered to graduate students from the art educations for the first time in the Spring semester 2022.
Work is also being done on other new, interdisciplinary collaborative projects, where students from the art educations are given the opportunity to participate.

If you have questions about TVAERS, you are welcome to contact study coordinator Morten Tandrup at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory:, Telephone: 4188 2510.

Questions about a specific course should be directed to the school offering the course.