Artistic Research (KUV)

Practice based artistic research (referred to in Danish as ‘KUV’) plays an important role in the knowledge base of arts educations in the Ministry of Culture. On the basis of clearly defined projects, practice based artistic research enables teachers to develop a practice further and reflect on their own artistic practice and the processes that go into the production of new works.

The projects generally generate knowledge of artistic practice in the shape of innovative productions, teaching methods, artistic methodology, written reflections, studies of technology and materials, and pedagogical considerations (Pedagogical Development Activities – referred to in Danish as ‘PUV’).

Through the Ministry of Culture’s program for KUV projects, it is possible to apply for support for practice based research projects as well as for the initial project development of KUV projects. Through the KUV program, teachers in the arts educations have the opportunity to further develop and reflect on their own artistic work and the processes behind the artistic practice.

You can read more about the KUV program below.

The Practice Based Artistic Research Program

The purpose of the practice based artistic research funding program is to enhance practice based artistic research initiatives in the various artistic disciplines, and to enrich the knowledge base of the institutions.

Educational institutions that are mainly financed by the Ministry of Culture can apply for the program. The Practice Based Artistic Research Program (KUV) holds the funds allocated by Ministry of Culture in Denmark for practice based artistic research.The program has existed since 2013, and each year approx. 7.5 million DKR is available for practice based artistic research.

Institutions of the arts educations that operate under the Ministry of Culture and are financed mainly by the ministry, can apply for funding. In order to apply for the program, the project holder must be employed at the institution that is applying.

You can find the guidelines for the program here (in Danish) and the application form here.

Help with the formal matters in connection with the application as well as advice on the subject-specific content of projects is provided at the individual institution. Correspondingly, it is the institution’s KUV manager who can advise in relation to the overall design of applications, formal requirements, clarity and the interdisciplinary aspects and possibilities within KUV.

You can see detailed descriptions of previous and ongoing KUV projects in the KUV archive.

We also refer to the Ministry of Culture’s webside.

The Artistic Research Committee

This is an independent committee appointed by Ministry of Culture Denmark to assess applications and to award the funds available in the funding programme. The Center assists the committee with this work at an administrative level.

The members of the committee are:

Ole Lutzow Holm

Chair. Professor, University of Gothenburg, Academy of music and drama. See his profile on University of Gothenburg

Cecilia Roos

Professor of Artistic Practices, Vice-rector of Research, Stockholm University of the Arts. View her profile on Stockholm University of Arts

Cecilie Semec

Principal Lecturer in Photography at The Norwegian Film School and Research Fellow in the Norwegian Artistic Research scholarship program. View her profile at the Norwegian Film School

Frederik Tygstrup

Professor and Deputy Head of Department at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. View his profile on University of Copenhagen

About Artistic Research

In a report in 2012, a committee appointed by the cultural ministry formulated a short definition of Artistic Research as: “An integral part of an artistic process that leads to a publicly available result and is accompanied by reflection on both the process and the presentation of the result.” You can read the full report here (in Danish).

You can find examples of Artistic Research projects from the higher education programs under the menu item ‘Archive’ on this page. The archive is expanded on an on-going basis.

Under the menu item ‘Network’ (above), you can find additional national and international resources within the field of Artistic Research.

Each of the various artistic educational programs has developed its own, discipline-based strategies for managing Artistic Research as part of their knowledge base. Below, you can read more about the strategies of the individual schools.

In the period 2019-2022, Center for Artistic Knowledge and Development managed the KUV program as well as activities linked to the institutions’ KUV network. The center was closed in June 2023.

KUV at the seven art schools

The seven institutions have developed subject-specific strategies for how they handle KUV as part of the institution’s knowledge base. You can read more about the individual schools’ strategies on the schools’ websites.

The Royal Danish Conservatory of Music: Research and development
Rhythmic Music Conservatory: Research and development
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts: Academic and artistic research
The Royal Academy of Music: Research and development
The National School of Performing Arts: Artistic research
Danish National Academy of Music: Research and development
The Danish Film School: Research

In the period 2016 – 2019, the Ministry of Culture managed the KUV project. In the period 2019-2022, the task was transferred to the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts. At the same time, the operation of the schools’ KUV network was also placed in the centre. The center was closed in June 2023 on the basis of an internal evaluation in the KUR circle.

Originally, the KUV concept was formulated by a working group set up by the Ministry of Culture. In a report from 2012, the working group gave a brief definition of KUV as “an integral part of an artistic process that leads to a publicly accessible result and is accompanied by a reflection on both the process and the presentation of the result”. Read the report here.

KUV project funding

The grant can be applied for once a year during the fall semester. You can find the Ministry of Culture’s guidelines for the grant here (in Danish only) 


Download applicationform (in Danish only)

The applicationform is in Word format and will download directly to your unit.

KUV Archive

The KUV archive contains short descriptions of all the Artistic Research projects that have received support from the Ministry of Culture.

Go to archive.

International Center for Knowledge in the Arts

The KUV center was a knowledge center for the higher artistic education institutions in the period 2019 – 2022. The center was closed in June 2023.

Go to website


The Research Catalogue (RC) is a non-commercial, collaboration and publishing platform for artistic research provided by the Society of Artistic Research. The RC is free to use for artists and researchers. It serves also as a backbone for teaching purposes, student assessment, peer review workflows and research funding administration. It strives to be an open space for experimentation and exchange.

Go to the website here.

Institutional Network for KUV (artistic research)
  • The Royal Academy of Fine Arts: Karen Harsbo
  • Rhythmic Music Conservatory: Søren Kjærgaard
  • The National Film School: Jakob Høgel
  • The Danish National School of Performing Arts: Rasmus Ôlme
  • The Royal Academy of Music: Bjørn Petersen
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Music: Eva Hess-Thaysen
  • The Danish National Academy of Music: Kasper Hafstrøm Bøg