Tell Me That Things Speak


Tell Me That Things Speak is an interdisciplinary artistic discussion of materiality facilitated by Cecilie Skov and Moa Alskog, students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Through a professional cooperation the two students want to enrol in an on-going debate about materiality in contemporary art and examine this debate in an artistic perspective.

Project Description

The project’s core is five different exhibitions in four exhibition spaces with young talented artists from Denmark and abroad. Through exhibitions, a website and a publication the project will facilitate a discussion about the relationship between form and content. The discussion aims to open up the various artistic practices and their approach to materiality, so we together can create a nuanced vocabulary that allows future collaborations across the art schools.

In this context, Moa Alskog and Cecilie Skov act as curators. Curating is an essential part of this project, as the students through interdisciplinary concept development, dialogue and reflection have invited artists from different backgrounds and with different material understandings that can create the conditions to contribute and expand the discussion. In that way they wish to multiply the material understanding of the Danish art scene.

The students themselves say about the project

“Our goal is to faciltere a discussion of material understanding of contemporary art today in order to develop a more nuanced language about the use of materials. We want to discuss this with international artists, and through the hands-on exhibits and through a subsequent text-based dialogue. We believe it is necessary to articulate the relationship between form and content in relation to the material from the artists’ perspective (rather than from the critics / theorists’ perspective). The artist’s voice has to be heard in the debate.”

Tell Me That Things Speak can be seen at four different exhibition spaces over five Thursdays in November and December. Time and place will be announced later.


Sig mig, at tingene taler




CAKI har støttet projektet med 7.689 kr.


Cecilie Skov
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Cecilie Skov, Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi – Billedhuggerlinjen
Moa Alskog, Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi – Linjen for tidsbaserede medier
Emilia Michalsdotter, KADK – Institut for Visuelt Design

Young artists from Denmark and abroad and several teachers as advisers will be a part of the project as well.