Start Up

An entrepreneurship course for students at the arts educations

Start Up is a curricular course for students across CAKI’s member schools with a focus on entrepreneurship in art educations.

The reality for the majority of graduates from the artistic educations is that they establish themselves as self-employed. This means, that they begin an independent career usually either as a sole proprietorship or a freelancer, that sustains their private economy as well as artistic activity.

It can be a hard job to make ends meet and the foundation to bear, especially during the earliest years after school. Business Behind Talent teaches students to deal with this challenge by giving them knowledge on topics such as self-management, communication, fundraising, finance and business development, -start up and – realization.

Start Up was developed in a working group of representatives of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, The Danish School for Performing Arts, The Danish Film School and KADK.

Development of the course is supported by The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.


Sign up by sending an e-mail to where you write your name, education, field of study, semester and phone number.


The workshop takes place at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts, Auditorium – Media School, Kgs. Nytorv 1, 1050 Copenhagen K.


Spring 2019


Spring 2019

If you are interested in just one of the subjects in the programme – you are welcome to just sign up for that one time.


Have you read CAKIs handbooks? The publications can help you with many of the challenges you will encounter in your professional artistic practice. The handbooks are in Danish.


For more information:
Telephone: 41 88 25 88


The workshop is in Danish.