A course in using the frame of a business model to develop your professional profil, a project or a business idea. The course is offered to master students at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

The course is developed in cooperation with educational planners from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and is a part of the curriculum for master students. The course is offered in both Danish and English.

The course consists of a 2 x 2 hours introduction, a workshop in fundraising, a course in negotiation and pricing, a mentor programme and a final pitching session.

The first modul introduce the students to different business models and methods to approach your professional development as an artist.

The workshop focuses on the content and development of the students business models in relation to funding, followed by a class where the students are taught how to set and negotiate the price for their services or products.

Finally the students will be parred with a mentor, who will guide and assist them in their professionalization. For the final pitching session, the students have to pitch their business model to a panel consisting of professionals.

The course is a further development of CAKI’s ‘SPRING’ that engaged female students in entrepreneurship during and after their studies. The course is developed in cooperation with The Royal Danish Academy of Music.


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