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Workshop and Exhibition

For the ROBO ART exhibition we are inviting 12-15 art students from the Danish Art Academies (including exchange students who are staying in Denmark from January – September 2019) to share their perspectives on the evolution of robotics. The purpose is creating an artistic language with witch to examine robotics and the technology’s influence on both society and art.

Usually, robot technology is developed behind closed (and patented) doors. And artists are rarely included in the production. With this project we wish to introduce artistic practice to a different field and inspire future interdisciplinary collaboration.

The program consists of inspirational talks (the evolution of robotics, an artistic context), company visits, and discussion of artwork concepts for the ROBO ART exhibition.

Following this, the participating artists are expected to work independently with their projects or in groups. During spring and early summer 2019, the process will be supervised by visual artist Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen via Skype-meetings in order to plan the execution of the artworks. There is a fund of 100.000 DKK that will contribute to the realization of artworks (distributed based on ambition level and talks with the supervising artist). If additional funding is needed, we will be happy to guide you in how to apply for grants. All artistic practices are welcome – but we encourage the inclusion of robotic technology in the final piece.

The artwork will be installed at Kunstbygningen Filosoffen 26th to 30th of August 2019. The exhibition will be open to the public in September, complemented by talks, debates ect.

Do you want to participate? Contact Line Åxman at

We will need your full name, the name of your school, contact information and a short motivation for why you wish to include this project in your artistic practice.

The workshop and exhibition are initiated by Kunstbygningen Filosoffen and financially supported by The Municipality of Odense, Region Syddanmark and Kulturregion Fyn’s Innovative Cultural Projects fund.

Through this project the participating artists will be able to create and show experimental art projects in an established art institution with a big audience. Kunstbygningen Filosoffen will provide 300 DKK for participants living outside of Funen to help with the transportation costs.

Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen graduated in 2017 from The Funen Art Academy in Odense.He will be functioning as a mentor/project advisor during the process. Performance, text and sculpture are his primary artistic medias, and his practice is grounded in extended research phases where he seeks to locate hidden connections between opposing forces. Now, he is exploring the performativity of robotics in relation to both theatrical and homely interfaces.

Line Åxman is the project coordinator for Kunstbygningen Filosoffen with an eye for concept development and fundraising. Graduated from Malmö Art Academy (Sweden) and holds a Master’s Degree in Culture and Communication from the University of Southern Denmark.


31th of October 2018.


The project is kicked off on January 15th 2019 with an all-day workshop in the city of Odense.