Introduction to Physical Computing – Energy Harvesting is a one-day workshop, which is based on the use of physical computing as an artistic approach. Vanessa Carpenter from IdemoLabs DELTA and design student Johan Bichel Lidegaard lead the workshop. The project marks the end of the CAKI-supported project Dog Level, which Johan had a role in.


16:00 – 17:25 “IdemoLabs, IdemoBits and Energy Harvesting” by Vanessa Carpenter from DELTA

17:25 – 17:35 Pause

17:35 – 19:00 Programming – “Introduction to Arduino” by Johan Bichel Lidegaard

Energy harvesting is an expression of energy, computers utilizing in their surroundings. Workshop participants will learn to put small computers together and drive them through, for example, heat differences, people moving, solar or wind powered fans.

At the workshop we work with IdemoBits. IdemoBits are small modules that are put together like Lego blocks and serves as inputs: potentiometer, touch sensor buttons and outputs, for example, LED lamps, SMD LEDs and speakers. At the workshop’s second part, participants will be introduced to basic programming in Arduino.

Vanessa Carpenter comes from IdemoLAB, DELTA, who specializes in the early stages of design processes. IdemoLAB have produced special IdemoBits that can be used to outline electronic.


The course has been held.


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation


November 2012


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