A week on sound design

In collaboration with Rhythmic Music Conservatory CAKI held a one week sound seminar in February 2012. The initiative evolved and became a cross-institutional course for all art educations.

The purpose of the seminar was to explore the term sound design, and its commercial and artistic dimensions, by inviting a great range of speakers.

The speakers were:

Composer Martin Stig Andersen from the gaming company Playdead, who created music for the award winning game Limbo

Director Karsten Kjems from the sound branding company Sonic Branding who spoke about sound design in commercials and branding

Sound artist Michael Madsen presented several of his projects e.g. his sound gallery at Copenhagen City Hall

Contrabassist and brain researcher Peter Vuust gave a speech on the effect sound design has on the brain

Composer Søs Gunver Ryberg talked about her audio walks and the process of making sound art in public space.

The seminar also included four workshops facilitated by Jacob Sikker Remin from 8bit Gallery, pianist and composer Maiken Ingvordsen and Jesper Mechlenburg from among others.

SOUNDDESIGN/DESIGNSOUND was open for all CAKI’s member institutions and students from The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, The Royal Danish Academy of Design and The Danish National School of Theatre participated.


The course has been held.


Rhythmic Music Conservatory


Feb 2012


Martin Stig Andersen, Composer
Karstem Kjems, Direktør, Sonic Minds
Michael Madsen, Sound Artist
Peter Vuust, Bassist and brain scientist
Søs Gunver Ryberg, Composer
Jacob Sikker Remin, Artist
Maiken Ingvordsen, Pianist and Composer
Jesper Mechlenburg, Composer and Producer


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