How do we unleash potential through entrepreneurship?
A workshop for educators ans education planners in the creative fields

The arts, culture and design fields have a vast potential to contribute to society – yet a large number of students find it hard to leverage their potential and skills after graduating.

So HOW do we provide the students with the best possible conditions to do so?
How do we generate learning environments that foster new practices?

The workshops aimed for the participants to:

Get an OVERVIEW of the latest knowledge on entrepreneurial learning
Get INSPIRATION from examples across the Nordic countries
Work with EXCERCISES that link directly to their own teaching
Gain TOOLS to adapt and integrate in your current practice
Contribute to DISCUSSIONS on dilemmas, challenges and possibilities

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International exchange in Helsinki

We had a very inspiring and rewarding workshop at Aalto University in Helsinki on the 15th of October 2012 A participant came all the way from Oslo, and this gave the possibility for a cross national exchange of perspectives. One of many themes discussed, was the challenge of embedding and scaling good teaching projects initially developed by individual teachers.

The Finnish workshop is the last of a series of five Nordic workshops  for educators and education planners across the creative fields. Five workshops that have provided an emerging network and collaborations around the theme of entrepreneurship. The next gathering is the EntreNord Conference on the 8th and 9th of November 2012 in Copenhagen.

Diversity and Dialogue in Aarhus!

The 4th EntreNord workshop took place on the 2nd. October at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark.

The diversity in the group of participants was the greatest so far. The group included a student, a director, teachers, incubator staff, planners etc. from 8 different educational institutions.

Some came with very little experience, but great curiosity and a challenging task of introducing entrepreneurship to the learning agenda at their schools. Some came with extensive experience in the field and were looking for inspiration to work with even greater impact across their institutions.

A very good day with lively dialogues around the tables.

Thank you Reykjavik!

Friday September 28th  we held the 3rd of the EntreNord workshops. The participants were from three different educational institutions in Iceland, and the workshop itself took place at Iceland Academy of The Arts in Reykjavik.

Apart from educators and planners from across the arts fields, there were also educators of arts teachers for the schools of Iceland. The training of arts teachers is run as a Masters course for trained artists and takes place within the Art Academy. This gave a wider perspective on the debate.

We had a rich and joyful day all engaged in lively exchange looking for opportunities for the Arts education.

A rewarding day in Göteborg!

The 2nd EntreNord workshop took place at  School og Design and Crafts in Gothenburg on 26th September.

We had a lively debate among educators and educational planners from Gothenburg, Steneby and Umeå. The participants covered subjects areas from drama & music, crafts, furniture, design and  design & business.  The areas of involvement in education covered both under graduate-, masters- and research levels.

The workshop sparked many debates – one was about the use of words : which words open curiosity on entrepreneurship and which ones put people off.

There  was also a rich exchange of useful tools and concrete examples of both dilemmas and opportunities.

The day resulted in new collaborations as well as  –  several participants will meet again at the EntreNord conference in Copenhagen 8-9th November.

Thank you Oslo and KHIO for a great first workshop!

24th September educators and educational planners from 5 different Norwegian educations within the creative fields gathered in the first of 5 EntreNord workhops across the Nordic countries.

We had a lively and inspiring day, rich in input and reflection.

Tools and experiences were shared and  further collaboration was agreed between schools.


The course has been held.


5 one-day workshops during autumn 2012 held in five Nordic cities.


Autumn 2012


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