Who is in? Inclusion and participation in art

Underviser: Michaela Kühn Jara

This module is about participation and inclusion in art and examines ways in which, for instance, the composer opens the doors for the listener, or how the teacher opens the doors for the pupil. We will borrow some concrete practices from performing arts and examine how they could apply in music. As an example, an accessible dance practice would require engaging the audience or the student through other senses than the sight (e.g. touch, hearing). How could this be extra-polated to music?

We will discuss selected topics based on so-called crip theory (which focuses on the intersection of queer studies and disability studies); we will carry out some practical tasks; and we will watch and discuss some examples online. The students will be asked to relate their own work to these notions and reflect further: How can inclusion take place within my own work as a musician/composer/producer? How are the formats we currently use excluing/including others? How can the participatory aspect of the work be at the center of a creative practice?

NB: The module will be conducted primarily in English, but the lecturer speaks and understands Danish as well.


An interest in questioning conventional modes of creating and listening. Ideally some experience or interest in interdisciplinarity, as examples from performing arts (mainly dance) in collaboration with music will be thematised.


Ved afslutningen af modulet skal den studerende:

  • Have understood basic concepts related to participation and inclusion in arts.
  • Have challenged one’s perception of what art and culture can be.
  • Have reflected upon the inclusive aspect of one’s own work as well as the works of other artists.
  • Have achieved insights about overall ideas of collaborations between performing arts and music.


Der arbejdes med følgende områder:
Inclusion and participation in the arts; dance and music; Crip theory.

  • Oplæg
  • Debat
  • Gruppearbejde
  • Praktiske øvelser


Holdstørrelse, normalt 8-9 studerende


Der skal redegøres for et selvvalgt emne inden for rammerne af modulet i form af et såkaldt refleksionsessay på 5 normalsider. Essayet afleveres i WISEflow inden frist, fastsat af Studieadministrationen.

  • Short videos on Vimeo and YouTube of selected choreographers collaborating with composers (e.g company Ligna, Ann Teresa de Keersmaker + composer Steve Reich, Jonathan Burrows + composer Matteo Fargion, etc.)
  • Selected parts of the book Feminist, Queer, Crip by Alison Kafer
  • Webpages with information about accessibility of music venues (e.g. the British council)
  • Instructive texts for Audio Descriptions by Jess Curtis
  • Other short texts currently discussed in Social Media

Et semester BA. Forventeligt fredage (ikke skemalagt endnu)


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