Sound Forms – Symposium

Sound Forms is a 3-day experiential symposium of talks, sound walks, participatory scores and sound-based art that aims to engage people in concepts in Sound Studies, with an emphasis on sonic perception, Acoustic Ecology and listening practices. Participants include artists and researchers from Denmark and abroad who have contributed significantly to the field of Sound Studies. Free and open to the public, the symposium takes place at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Koncertkirken, and Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Det Kongelige Dansk Kunstakademi. Several events require registration as space may be limited. The symposium is supported by SNYK, RMC, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art and Kunsthal Charlottenborg and the Danish Ministry of Culture. It is made possible by a KUV grant by the Ministry of Culture for the Sounding Bodies Research Project.

Artists and Scholars:

  1. Hildegard Westerkamp (Canada), sound walk and sound work
  2. Juhani Pallasmaa (Finland), talk
  3. Sabine Feisst (US/Germany) talk and presentation
  4. Garth Paine (US/Australia), talk and presentation
  5. Holger Schulze (Denmark/Germany), talk
  6. The Full Mantis, film documentary on Milford Graves (US), by Jake Meginsky and Neil Young (US)
  7. Barry Blesser + Linda Ruth Salter (US), talks
  8. Maile Costa Colbert (US/Portugal), sound performance
  9. Magnus Kaslov (Denmark) Museum for Contemporary Art, Institute for Sound Archeology
  10. Knud Viktor (Denmark, 25 november 1924 i København – 10. juni 2013), 4-Channel Sound Installation
  11. Ursula Nistrup and Tobias Kirstein (Denmark), sound work
  12. Dummykopf (Denmark), performance
  13. Kristian Hverring (Denmark), Binaural sound installation/performance
  14. Suzanne Thorpe (US), talk
  15. Katrine Faber (Denmark), performative talk
  16. Ayako Kataoka (US/Japan), Sound and Movement performance
  17. Sounding Bodies Research Project group, various


Rhythmic Music Conservatory, The Aquarium building:

Kunsthalle Charlottenborg, Cinema:

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Festsalen:




The Danish Ministry of Culture:

Rhythmic Music Conservatory:

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art:

Kunsthal Charlottenborg:

University of Copenhagen


October 11, 12 and 13th 2018


The Rhythmic Music Conservatory
Kunsthallen Charlottenborg
The Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen