Millions of Happy Few


Millions of Happy Few was the final project for students Rune Bering Sørensen and Andreas Johansen from The Royl Danish Academy of Design in the summer 2013. With the project they intended to explore and develop design and print techniques:

We investigate an approach to design where part of the control of a print process is given to the print techniques. By letting the print tecniques generate the form spontanously we wil find unique expressions for each print method – the langauge of the pirnt method.

Project description

Millions of Happy Few developed common production methods in printing while also exploring two central concepts in our modern consumer society – mass production and unikum – by questioning designers’ and artists’ reliance on modern print machines’ level of detail. Rune and Andreas say:

Millions of Happy Few is a serie of investigations where variations of paper structures, print macshines’ movement, light and weather become an active part of the print process. This creates form and the graphics change from print to print: the process is autonomous.

Millions of Happy Few consists of five different investigations where autonomous processes are incorporated in inkjet, serigraphy and offset. The investigations result in five different methods of obtaining this autonomous production and five series of print.

The methods and the printed series were shown at an exhibition in Carlsberg. Get more information about the project at


Photo and video: Magnus S. Mikkelsen


Millions of happy few


Metoderne og de trykte serier blev vist på en udstilling i Halmlageret i Carlsbergbyen 31. maj til 2. juni 2013.


CAKI har støttet projektet med 15.000 kr.


Andreas Johansen
+ 45 28 14 11 36

Rune Bering Sørensen
+ 45 21 80 10 60


Rune Bering Sørensen, Kunstakademiets Designskole
Andreas Johansen, Kunstakademiets Designskole