The death of Santa Claus


Spillemændene from The Rhythmic Music Conservatory initiated a collaboration with students from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, The School of Architecture and AFUK in order to develop the audio visual work: The Death of Santa Claus.

Spillemændene comments on the projects

”Spillemændene is a conservatory based band and we are proud that our education and artistic work comes together. However for a project like this it is essential that we collaborate with other creative schools. And hopefully this collaboration will be the first of many future collaboration.”

The projects is exploring the cross-artistic collaboration where the poetic and sureal soundscape and the visual expression unite in the final work.

Project description

The sound and lyrics are created by songwriter Thorbjørn Radisch Bredkjær from Spillemændene, and the music video is a dialog between the song and the visual frames. Lead singer Nikolai Elsberg took part in a close collaboration between scenographer, set designer and photographer to bring forward the certain atmosphere of the song. Nikolaj explains this atmosphere:

“I want to capture this fine poetic line between the well-known, tradition-bound and apparent, that meets the unpredictable and surreal in the music video.”


Julemandens Død




CAKI har støttet projektet med 15.000 kr.


Nicolai Elsberg
+ 45 27 47 27 88


Nicolai Elsberg, Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium
Jeppe Lange, Kunstakademiet
Jens Kirk Sand, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole
Jazbo Gross, AFUK
Anders Mortensen, Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium