As an artistic or creative education institution is it possible to become a member of CAKI. There are two different types of CAKI members: K-members and A-members.

All higher artistic educations can become members of CAKI. In cooperation with these members, CAKI develops and counsels about courses, new benefits and services regarding the education of entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary and cross-artistic practice. Students at K-member institutions have access to counseling, attendance at courses and workshops, as well as CAKI’s project support funding.

Other creative educations can apply for A-membership. ‘A’ stands for Associate members. Students at these institutions have access to counseling, participation to selected courses and workshops, and in some cases, project support funding, provided that the project also has relevance for students at the artistic educations.

As an educational institution, annual membership is paid as either K-member or A-member. Prices are calculated individually for every educational institution.

Contact CAKI at or call 41 88 25 88 for more information about CAKI membership.


Students at one of CAKI’s member institutions can take advantage of:

  • Courses and workshops: Every year CAKI provides a series of courses and workshops on entrepreneurship, professionalism and interdisciplinarity. Among other, courses in business start-up, intellectual property rights, fundraising and portfolios. Some of the courses are meritorious.
  • Counseling: CAKI offers counseling and coaching for students who want to realize an artistic project, start a business, fundraise for projects and study residency, or have any questions related to CAKI’s focus areas.
  • Support for students: CAKI manages a project pool that is available to students at our member institutions. The financial support must be used to realize interdisciplinary and/or innovative projects. Additionally, CAKI can assist with communication and dissemination of projects – both through CAKI’s own channels, but we also help to clarify and develop a communication strategy that reaches a wider audience. CAKI will in some cases also be able to assist with facilities and equipment related to the project realization.
  • Publications and tools: CAKI regularly publishes publications on professionalism, entrepreneurship and business start-up.
  • Networking and cooperation: We help students, who want to collaborate with other students or need to establish partnerships with private or public partners in Denmark and abroad.
  • Communication: CAKI communicate activities regarding interdisciplinarity, artistic innovation and entrepreneurship in the artistic fields.

CAKI also offers a range of services to educators and educational institutions:

  • Development of courses: CAKI assists with the development and implementation of courses and activities focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinarity.
  • Counseling: CAKI counsels educators and educational institutions in the field of interdisciplinary collaboration, course development and activities to enhance students’ professionalization or cross artistic skills.
  • Symposiums and conferences: CAKI organizes symposiums and conferences that focus on entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary and professionalization of the artistic educational programs.
  • Mentoring: CAKI develops and implements mentoring programs for art students. Among others we have developed mentoring programs for Rhythmic Music Conservatory and The Royal Danish Academy of Music.
  • Publications: CAKI has released a number of publications addressing teachers that deals with artistic entrepreneurship and professionalization.
  • Networking and cooperation: CAKI offers teachers a large and broad network, also internationally. Among others via LinkedIn groups and the online platform ‘EntreNord’.
  • Communication and reports: CAKI communicate activities and news regarding interdisciplinarity, artistic innovation and entrepreneurship across the artistic educations. In addition, we maintain a report archive of the latest reports concerning interdisciplinarity, artistic innovation and entrepreneurship in a larger political context.