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Knowledge in the Arts #3: Erik Gandini & Jyoti Mistry

30. september 2021 @ 15:00 - 17:00

 The National Film School of Denmark and online
We warmly invite you to the third event in our series Knowledge in the Arts, featuring the two artist-researchers and filmmakers Erik Gandini and Jyoti Mistry who will present the collaborative project The Future through the Present, on AI and the future of work.
The Future through the Present
The creative documentary and artistic research project The Future through the Present invites us to deal with the existential question of what we will do when we do not have to work. This question arises in a time when AI and automation is expected to replace us on a large scale within many professional fields. In the public debate, the technological perspective, especially in relation to an impending surplus of time, overshadows this existential issue. A changed view of work requires creativity and imagination, which should also be a task for a documentary film.
The research project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between creative documentary film and sociology and has a stated goal of producing new knowledge about the future narrative for documentary film and about the post-work society for sociology. This takes place through the practice-based research method ‘Research In and Through Cinema’ which is based on the insight that film processes can be inspired by theories but also, in reverse, produce new theories. In conversations with sociological theories about the human relationship to work, the project asks the following research questions:
• How can one formulate a film aesthetic that frees the documentary from the limitations of the present?
• How can a documentary based on material recorded in the present create a future projection? Create a link to a universe of ideas, assumptions, imaginary notions of what is not yet but what can become?
• How can a new documentary aesthetic for the future be formulated that is not an imitation of fiction or of the Sci-Fi genre, instead of based on documentary film’s own narrative elements?
With a base in documentary film and through practice-based research methods, this project is built on a research group consisting of Erik Gandini, professor of documentary film at Stockholm University of the Arts, Roland Paulsen, senior lecturer and associate professor of sociology at Lund University and Jyoti Mistry, professor of film at Valand Academy of Art & Design, University of Gothenburg.
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30. september 2021
15:00 - 17:00
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