Neuzeit is a performance series presenting new contemporary music and dance spiced with visual art.



The concept of Neuzeit is to bring classical and rhythmic music together with dance under the same roof and in the same performance. In doing this, Neuzeit will create a meeting place for the artists and audiences from these different art forms and genres.

The performing artists involved produce work, which merges several art forms and genres, showing how natural mixtures happen more and more today and how the audience is a part of this. Neuzeit will build bridges between art forms and music styles and instigate conversation about the state of the new contemporary arts scene and its compatibility with current venues.


There will be four performances taking place at Literaturhaus, in Nørrebro. Literaturhaus is an old church building now primarily used as a concert venue, because of its wonderful acoustics, beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere. This place offers a solution to the sterile atmosphere of a classical concert hall and the noisy bar atmosphere of a rhythmic music venue - providing, alternatively, the best of both.


Refleksion over det tværfaglige samarbejde:

The purpose of this project is to promote interaction between different art forms and genres on three levels:


1) Between individual performers in one performance;


2) Between two performing groups sharing the stage;


3) Between differently oriented audiences, as well as performers and audience members with each other.



Markus Pesonen, Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium



Markus Pesonen


CAKI, Kongens Nytorv 1, 2. sal, 1050 Kbh K. Tlf.: 41 88 25 88

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